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A Kiwi adventurer tackles a saltier Everest

Kiwi kayaker Scott Donaldson is unquestionably a man of adventure – a Dirty Man’s kind of man: Who else would forge on in a kayak, even when ships throw in the towel because the going’s got too tough (or in this instance, rough)?

Is Scott Donaldson's feat up there with Hillary?

British adventurer tackles microlight world record

It seems that men and their magnificent flying machines still exist.

A British adventurer is attempting to break a world record by flying from England to South Africa in a microlight plane in what is being dubbed as the Flight of Ikarus challenge.

What does DirtyMan smell like?

At DirtyMan, we often get asked what our deodorants smell like. So here is a run down...
Aug 10, 2012

DirtyMan Wins Demolition Derby

How do you get a crowd shouting DirtyMan, win a Demolition Derby thats how.  Yep the DirtyMan team couldn't resist the chance to enjoy some good old fashioned fun recently.
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The DirtyMan team recently took part in a Demolition Derby, when a mate offers you the chance to use an old car over a beer there is no way you are going to say no now is there?

So we all headed up north to Whangarei to the Speedway and after a great day watching the racing it was time for DirtyMan to hit the track.  Team Dirtyman (Mike and Brendon) had been listening to the talk before the race, it turns out it isn't just the cars that take a hammering you can often break a rib or two! 

Not put off the guys couldn't wait for the race to begin.  It didn't take long for the crowd to get behind the DirtyMan car as one after another the other cars got knocked out until the last two were slugging it out for bragging rights. 

The DirtyMan team were the last men standing and took out the Demolition Derby on their first attempt! 




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